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Genesis is working to design friendly and fun to use mobile apps.  20

In typical fashion, Genny has decided that many of todays app's are becoming very 'samey" and would like to introduce a series of fun and exciting apps which will push Atari Games into the forefront of the mobile app market.

Will the 2600 make a comeback? 13

What role will Twitter and Facebook play in online gaming? 54

Atari's place in console gaming 9

Genny's flavour of the month stuff 20

Lower Section 1 5

Lower Section 2 7

Features 40

This section will feature some areas of interest highlighted by different members of the Atari Games tribe.

Constituto clita copiosae probatus ei qui 13

Debet vocent diano tacimates constito 54

Nam elitr tincidunt mea commodo siferu 9

Gaming News around the world

Retro design brought forward 6

2014 will prove to be a big year for Atari Games as the design and development of most games take an age to produce. Naturally we have to face a changing landscape in gaming and the demands of the consumer. All part of a days work for the gang at Atari.